The ResearchCompendia team is extremely grateful to all of our partners for their support, advice, and assistance.

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Organizations committed to promoting reproducibility and openness in the sciences, understand completely the mission we are attempting to further with ResearchCompendia. Researchers and institutions know full well the strain they are under to publish quickly and concisely, and are therefore pressured to share the minimum required of them in terms of data code and documentation. We wish to ease the burden on researchers while promoting a culture of well documented, sustainable and reproducible research, by making it easy and quick for them to publish, track, archive and link all relevant digital data and methods in one place.

Therefore, we are very interested in partnering with any institutions and organizations that make complementary efforts or have similar missions. We are eager to partner with groups and projects in all relevant realms, whether that be policy, promotion, technical tools for researchers, archival resources, research workflow improvement and tracking tools, or any other project, service or mission you might think also promotes this cause.

If you are interested in working with us or just wish to discuss plans and ideas, please contact us.


Any individuals who believe they have skills, connections, or resources relevant to the mission of ResearchCompendia for the promotion of open and reproducible research. Please contact us. We have an active fellows program and we would be eager to have you join our team. We can offer unique research experiences, and experience in the promotion and development of an advanced web app. We will only ask for whatever time and resource commitment you are comfortable with.


We are attempting to offer a valuable service to the world of academic research. The mission of reproducibility is not only directly beneficial to the careers of researchers, and to the advancement of science, but it is also incredibly important for the reconstruction of trust in the scientific and academic world. As retraction rates increase and more and more subfields are rocked by scandals or irreproducible research, support for the sciences in society also drops. We wish to show verifiably the rigor, impartiality, and integrity that we know most published research displays. To do this, we need to be able to provide the tools offered by ResearchCompendia reliably and stably.

For ResearchCompendia to sustainably host, archive, and track an increasingly large number of contributions, as well as support a growing active user base for our cloud resources, we need sustainable funding for data and code hosting, computational resources, promotional resources, and human resources. If you or your organization is interested in supporting our mission please contact us.


ResearchCompendia hosts code and data associated with articles published in scientific journals. Journal editors are welcome to invite and encourage the authors who publish in their journals to upload their code and data to ResearchCompendia. This invitation can be mentioned on the journal website and in the revision and acceptance letters. A example is provided below:

"The JOURNAL OF XXX would like to invite you to enrich and defend your article by uploading relevant computer code, data, and supplementary materials on the ResearchCompendia online repository. Your article will be then linked to a dedicated and easily citable ResearchCompendia website. To create a compendium, please go to:"

The service is completely free. Please contact us if you need more information.

It is in the interest of all scientific publications that the research they promote be fully verifiable and reproducible. The sharing of data and code has not only been shown to increase a journal's impact factor, by increasing citation rates, but also increases the trust in that journal because data sharing policies reduce the number of retractions published.


It is partly the responsibility of employing institutions to encourage a culture of responsible and reproducible research. It is important for the reputations of both the researchers and their host institutions. If you are a part of an institution that wishes to promote such values, we implore you to encourage your researchers to share their data, code and methods for all publications. Toward that goal, we would hope that you would list ResearchCompendia among the many other useful tools for researchers on any institutional documents or websites discussing such policies and practices.

If you wish to promote for, collaborate with, or to support ResearchCompendia in any other ways, please contact us.


ResearchCompendia is intended both as a tool to improve the communication of science, and to make the lives of publishing scientists easier. There are many reasons to create a compendium with our site:

  • Boost your citation rates and recognition, and get credit for your code in addition to your publications.
  • Defend your research.
  • Archive your research and track your computational procedures, with our free provided data, documentation, and code hosting and tracking.
  • Speed up the process of converting scientific results into productive forces.
  • Allow others to build on your work in a highly visible and trackable way.

Please create a compendium here if you wish to share data and code from your publications in a convenient and easily citable way. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or feature requests.

If you wish to verify, reproduce, or build on previous research, please browse our existing compendia and see if we have anything of interest. We will be adding remote execution and commenting functionality shortly.