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ResearchCompendia is a free and open source software project. If you are interested in contributing to a project that promotes reproducible and open science, please talk to us! This is a project to allow scientists to create compendium comprising all relevant narrative, code, and data to make their research truly reproducible. Our goal is allow and teach researchers to document the computational portions of their research methods as thoroughly as they would document a tabletop experiment. We want our tools to fulfill these goals:

Imagine if all the materials in a research project could be continuously packaged and deployed with no snags preventing use and refinement by anyone. We could help make research accessible to everyone.

Visit our our github repo to check out the source code that runs this site. Read our docs on contributing. We maintain an list of issues with labels to guide contributions, We welcome participation from people of all skill levels and backgrounds. You don't need to be a web developer or programmer. We welcome people who are interested in testing, documentation, design, and brainstorming. We are happy to hear what feature additions people would like to have and build, such as further supported packages and languages.